Larry's Kudos
 More kudos for Larry's Catskills presentation:

"We all enjoyed your presentation, February 29, 2012. Everyone found it informative and entertaining. For many,  it brought back fond memories."
                                               ---Ronald B. Gold, President Palm Beach Chapter of   Brooklyn College Alumni Association                                                                                       

"Your presentation allowed many in the audience to relive the wonderful memories they had of the Catskills. Your humor and manner of keeping the audience actively involved truly marks you as an excellent "tummler."
                                                ---Vicki Cohen, Communications Chairman, The Pap Corps, Four Seasons Chapter                                                                                 

"Your talent, warmth, visuals and great presentation all contributed to a wonderful program." 
                                                 ---Rose Feinberg, Cascades ORT VP and Event Co-Chair                                                                                    

"informative, outstanding, exceptional, magnificent, excellent, superb. These are just a few of the words one can use to describe the marvelous presentation given to us by Larry Strickler."
                                                  ---Rosalie Greenberg, Fundraising Chairperson of  Venetian Isles Hadassah                                                                                                   

Kudos for Larry's Cinema Censorship programs:

"You are a very engaging speaker, and the information you shared about the censorship process was fascinating."
                                                    ---Beth Saltalamacchio, Plainview-Old Bethpage Public Library Cultural Program Specialist                                                                                                           
"His commentary was presented with humor, energy and a treasure trove of knowledge." 
                                                     ---Marsha Decker, Social Director, Ponte Vecchio HOA